Tutorials And Workshops

last modified: 03 May 2021

Here is the list of accepted tutorials and workshops. More information will be published soon.

List of accepted tutorials

Ofer Arieli and Christian StrasserProof-Theoretic Approaches to Logical Argumentation

Simon Razniewski, Hiba Arnaout, Shrestha Ghosh and Fabian M. SuchanekCompleteness, Recall, and Negation in Open-World Knowledge Bases

Elias Alevizos and Alexander ArtikisComplex Event Recognition and Forecasting

Aurélie Beynier, Frédéric Maris and Francois SchwarzentruberPlanning with multi-agent, flexible, temporal, epistemic and contingent (MAFTEC) aspects

Philippe BalbianiSolving equations in modal and description logics

Marcello Balduccini, Edward Griffor and Tran Cao SonKR&R Meets Cyber-Physical Systems: Formalization, Behavior, Trustworthiness

Jake Chandler and Richard BoothBelief Revision and Judgment Aggregation in Ontologies

Roland Kaminski, Javier Romero, Torsten Schaub and Philipp WankoAnswer Set Programming: From Theory to Practice

List of accepted workshops

Jiang Bian, Zhe He, Rui Zhang and Cui TaoThe 6th International Workshop on Semantics-Powered Data Mining and Analytics (SEPDA 2021)

Bart BogaertsExplainable Logic-Based Knowledge Representation (XLoKR 2021)

Sarra Ben Abbes, Lynda Temal, Nada Mimouni and Philippe CalvezWorkshop on Ontologies for Artificial Intelligence Domains

Kwabena Nuamah, Jeff Z. Pan, Pavan Kapanipathi and Efi TsamouraKnowledge Representation for Hybrid and Compositional AI (KRHCAI)

Renate A. Schmidt, Christoph Wernhard, and Yizheng ZhaoThe 2nd International Workshop on Second-Order Quantifier Elimination and Related Topics

Maurice Pagnucco and Yang SongCME: the 1st International Workshop on Computational Machine Ethics