Live Gathering In Rome

last modified: 03 Nov 2021

One of the activities that we have organized is a live KR 2021 gathering in Rome at the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering at Sapienza, Via Ariosto 25, 00185 Rome, Italy (see here). This gathering will last from Nov 8 to Nov 12, 2021 (covering the main conference only). It will provide rooms for attending the streamed talks together, and facility to present live talks and simultaneously stream them online. The registration to the gathering is free, though limited to 50 people only (locals excluded). Registrations will be granted by using a first-come-first-served policy. The Green pass or similar will be required to attend.

Some practical info about the venue and the gathering can be found in this flyer.


To register to the KR 2021 live gathering in Rome please fill in the form below. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only 50 people will be allowed to participate. Please register only if you are sure you will come to the gathering.

Social dinner

If you plan to join the dinner (Nov 8th at 21:00), please fill out this form to let the organizers know about your attendance and your menu preference.