Social Events

last modified: 24 Oct 2021

More information on the KR 2021 social events will be added soon.

Mystery Adventure

One of the social events at KR 2021 will be an interactive activity with fellow conference attendees. This free event will be hosted on Zoom by a professional company, so you can simply jump in and have fun. To register for one of 3 possible time slots, please fill out the following form until Friday, October 15th:

Update (Oct 24th): Registration for the last available places is still open and registered participants will soon receive further instructions by e-mail.

Social Dinner

On Thursday evening, KR 2021 will host a special dinner event on Zoom during which there will be music performed by Vietnamese artists. The music is pre-recorded, but the musicians will be available on Zoom during the event.

Please take some time to sit down with your family and friends to enjoy this unique dinner show. If you don't want to order Vietnamese food, here are some simple Vietnamese recipes you can prepare yourself.