last modified: 05 Nov 2021

The registration site for KR (and associated events) is now open:

Please carefully read the following important information about registration.

Mandatory (free) registration

Every person who wishes to participate in KR or any of its associated events (e.g. workshops, tutorials, DC, NMR) must register for the conference, and at least one author of each paper must register and present the work. Attendance is free (the only fees are for paper registration, see next item). The deadline for registering is October 15.

Paper registration fee

For every paper that will be published in the KR’21 proceedings, it is mandatory that one of the authors pays the paper registration fee (100 US dollars). The deadline for registering papers (via the registration website) is September 15.

Please note that RPR Track papers (and papers presented at associated workshops) are exempt from the paper registration fee as they do not appear in the KR proceedings.

Student authors

Students who have (co)authored a paper appearing in the KR proceedings may request a scholarship to cover the paper registration fee (details here). If you have applied for a scholarship, please wait to hear back before registering your paper(s).

Video consent

There are two mandatory checkboxes on the registration form to indicate that you understand the video posting policy. As explained on the form, all talks and tutorials (with Q&A) will be made available privately during and shortly after the conference. Subsequently, videos (without Q&A) will be made publicly available *except* if one of the authors opts out. It is possible to opt-out via the registration form or by sending an email to

Indicating interest in workshops and tutorials

We will also use the registration form to collect information on which tutorials and workshops participants are interested in attending. Note that the schedule for KR tutorials and workshops is not yet finalized, and responses are for planning purposes only (e.g. if you don’t indicate interest in an event on the form, you can still attend it).

Updating your answers

At the top of the form, there is a link that allows you to edit your responses to two sections of the form (participation in workshops & tutorials, and opt-out of video posting).

Questions about registration?

Please write to: